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Security System Installation Service

Medic Alert

Medic Alarm Alert | Mobile Alarm Alerts | Medical Alert Monitoring 

Medical Alert Home Alarm Systems

Home Medical Alarm

Kit Includes

plug pack, 

dialer, battery backup 

waterproof pendant transmitter.

Full part supply and Installation

2-year manufacturers Warranty


The NESS Medi - Alarm system is specifically designed for emergency signalling. The Medi - Alarms high-speed digital dialer reports emergencies to a monitoring centre. This provides peace of mind for family members worried about their loved ones and creates independence for the elderly who love to live in their home. The Medi - Alarm system also interfaces with other NESS Wireless Alarm Devices

NESS MEDI-ALARM MEDICAL ALARM PANEL installed in your Home for $575

NESS Mobile medical System

Mobile Medical Alarm

Kit Includes

SmartLink GPS Tracker programmed ready to go


The SmartLink GPS tracker uses GPRS, GSM and GPS technology to track and monitor Individuals providing protection. The SmartLink personal tracker can be monitored through a mobile phone with both voice and data exchange or through the GPRS to a designated server to position locate the device down to 20m. The SmartLink GPS Tracker can also send position data in a text through the gsm network to a mobile phone. The mobile phone user can then put these coordinates into their phones web browser using Google maps to locate the SmartLink Trackers location.


Lone Workers 

Elderly Medical Alarms

Dementia Patients


Bosch 16i Home Alarm Systems

 Medical Alarm Monitoring 

personnel is committed to maintaining long standing relationships with our clientele, ensuring that you, our customer, are provided with peace of mind 24 hours a day, all year round.
The Monitoring Centre features the highest quality of technologically advanced equipment in our quest to provide you, your family and business, with premium protection against today's ever changing environment.
Our premises has been constructed and fitted by Australian Standards AS2201. We have a computer driven back up generator and true on-line uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system to ensure continual electrical power at all times. Monitoring is performed by proven hardware and locally backed software systems specifically written for the Australian Security Industry. The system is supported by fully duplicated digital receivers and data networks that include a RAID subsystem for 100% data availability and speed.
All our databases are secure and backed up every hour to separate hard drives on the network, with off-site secured storage daily. Our hardware, software and method of backup exceed the requirements of Australian Standards.

Medical Alarm Monitoring Sydney from $1 a day

Medic Alert System Installation and Repair servicing Sydney, Illawarra, and the Southern Highlands

Licensed and Insured | Commercial and Domestic

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