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Intercom Systems Installation and Repair Service

Systems for Home Intercom by Kocom

Kocom produces intercoms of high quality at reasonable prices. These intercoms have been manufactured for home security market. Many project houses come equipped with Kocom Intercoms in them. We supply the full range of these systems and also install them. The top model in these intercoms is equipped with CCTV system capability and can integrate with security systems of Hills by means of a Com Nav. The intercom kits by Kocom are supplied at a starting price of $690 and pricing includes cabling, supply of parts and their installation.


Intercom Systems for your Home by NESS

Intercom systems for your home security that are manufactured by NESS include both standard types of intercom kits and internet protocol. IP models of intercom provide control off-site and they also offer call answering facility through the Android and iPhone apps. There are two separate door stations that are made available. One type resembles a standard intercom and the other type resembles a smart phone. The internet protocol room monitor has a modern look and delivers functionality of a high level. It has an LCD touch screen which also offers internet browsing. The standard intercom systems have modules which enable integration of audio in-house along with functionality of home automation, making these NESS systems superior to others in technology. The intercom packages by NESS are supplied by us at a starting price of $820 with supply of full parts and their installation.


Intercom Systems for your Home by Aiphone

Intercom systems by Aiphone are popular and world famous for their high quality. They are both functionally and visibly superior to other products of the same kind. Aiphone offers both standard video and audio intercoms among their product range. They offer one to one systems along with top quality multi-room systems. The intercom kits by Aiphone are supplied by us at a starting price of $680 along with equipment and supplies and their installation.

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