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Security System Installation Service

Wireless Security

Wireless Security Systems Installation and Repair Service

Bosch 3000 Wireless Alarm Systems

Bosch Wireless Alarms

This wireless Kit is suited to a two story home or business

Kit Includes

Bosch 16 Zone Wireless Panel

Outdoor/ Indoor Siren and Strobe

2 x Wireless PIR Detectors

Power Supply kit

Full Installation in Sydney

3 year Manufacturers Warranty

2 x key fobs and Wireless receiver

Bosch Wireless Security System Fully Installed price $1075

Hills Wireless Alarm Systems

Hills Wireless Alarms

This wireless Kit is suited to a two story home or business

Kit Includes

Hills Reliance 4 Zone Panel

Includes S4695 control panel

Voice Nav code pad

S4314 4AMP battery & S4402 plug pack with S3807 piezo and Siren/Strobe

2 x Bosch Gen 2 Blue line Wired PIR'

2 x Keyfobs and  Wireless Receiver

Hills Wireless Burglar Alarm System Fully Installed from $1158

NESS Wireless Alarm Systems

NESS Wireless Alarms

This wireless Kit is suited to a two story home or business

Kit Includes

Ness R16 Radio control panel

2 x R12 radio PIRs including brackets 

2 x RK4 Radio keys

Plastic Siren Cover & Kit bag

Horn Speaker

Top Hat Screamer and Strobe

Installation in Sydney

NESS Wireless Burglar Alarm System Fully Installed from $1045

Bosch Wireless Camera Systems

Bosch Wireless CCTV

Bosch Wireless Cameras that connect to your WiFi network, available in Standard and High Definition with on board memory and PC Surveillance software

Call us to learn more about Wireless Camera Systems, we will show you how to secure your house or Business

Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless Home Alarms

Bosch Wireless Security Install Sydney

Hills Wireless Home Security Install Sydney

NESS Wireless Home Alarm install Sydney

Wireless Security System Fully Installed Price Sydney $1075

Home Alarm System Monitoring

Wireless Alarm Monitoring

The Monitoring Centre utilizes an on-line communication network, backed by state-of-the-art technologies
and highly trained licensed personnel,
on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Monitor your House for Intruders 24/7 365 days a year, don't let the Burglars win!

24 Hour Wireless Alarm Monitoring in Sydney from $45 per month

Call us to learn more about Wireless Security, we will show you how a Wireless Security System can secure your house

New Technology Security Systems that we Supply and Install

Video Verified Security

The system acts as a normal alarm system with one exception, that is the movement detectors or Passive Infrared Detectors have CCTV cameras in them. This is pretty cool by itself but the functionality of the system is its greatest feature.

What happens is when the Alarm system is armed and detects movement on a detector then goes into alarm it triggers the camera to take a series of photos of what caused the alarm. The agility three panel then packages these pictures into a TXT message and sends them to your mobile phone giving you instant verification of what is going on.

The system can also be setup to report to a monitoring centre which gives operators the power to understand the situation; this system can save you money by reducing guard alarm responses to false alarms.

Home Security Integration

Integrated Home Security involves an electronic Interface between the different systems in a security system. It allows for bi directional information to flow between the Alarm System, Intercom System and CCTV System. One of the main benefits to be gained by integrated Security is to control the systems off site, an example of this is

You’re not at home and a delivery man pushes the intercom button at your front gate this triggers a txt message from the alarm panel to you. You open an App on your iphone and talk to the delivery man while viewing the Intercom camera. You then open the front gate and garage door through your phone so he can deliver the parcel for you while you watch the process through your Surveillance Camera System.

HD Camera Surveillance

If you own a business or are in a situation where you need to obtain footage that could possibly be used in legal proceedings, then you need a High Definition Camera system. High quality high definition systems allow for real time play back video footage at a high resolution that will prove what happened and who was responsible for the incident

Go Alarm Systems can design, supply and install High Definition Camera systems to suit any application, we can supply HD systems that work on coax, this option can save on installation cost if you currently have an analogue camera system. We have accounts with Bosch, Pacom, Sprint, NESS, Direct Alarm Supplies and Central Security Distribution these companies supply a range of different HD cameras that suit different situations and after sale support.

Wireless Security System Install and Repair servicing Sydney, Illawarra, and the Southern Highlands

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