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Security System Installation Service

Home Security Integration

Home Security Integration Install and Repairs Service

Integrated Home Security involves an electronic Interface between the different systems in a security system as outlined above. It allows for bi directional information to flow between the Alarm System, Intercom System and CCTV System. One of the main benefits to be gained by integrated Security is to control the systems off site, an example of this is

You’re not at home and a delivery man pushes the intercom button at your front gate this triggers a txt message from the alarm panel to you. You open an App on your iphone and talk to the delivery man while viewing the Intercom camera. You then open the front gate and garage door through your phone so he can deliver the parcel for you while you watch the process through your Surveillance Camera System.

Home Security Integration Installation and Repair servicing Sydney, Illawarra, and the Southern Highlands

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